About Us

A bit about the team behind Lumos

At Tonic Audio Labs, we’re firm believers in well-designed, ethical,
user-centered products that help bring more beauty and art into the world

28 Years Combined Expertise

Put another way, we’ve been at this sort of thing for quite a few years now–working on startups for almost our entire careers, and hardware design and user experience just slightly less than that.

At Tonic Audio Labs we’re a pair of passionate, slightly obsessive humans who refuse to cave into crude concepts like planned obsolescence and treating customers and their data as products.  Tonic Audio Labs is an employee-owned, locally-focused company.  All of our products are designed right here in Reno, Nevada, and manufactured and assembled in the USA.

User Experience 0
Startup Expertise 0
Hardware Design 0
Ethan Clift

• Ivy League graduate from Columbia University

• Award-winning entrepreneur and visionary

• Previous company acquired

Allison Clift-Jennings

• 2x Techstars Alumna

• Embedded Computing Design magazine 2018 Top Embedded Innovator award

• Prior successful crowdfunding campaign

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